King O Frod (silvertiger) wrote in catbonecomics,
King O Frod

Sconeborough 7/25/09

Shark Boy 4

Continuing with Shark Boy! Next week's comic will be the last in the series. As for why the comic was so late, my two favorite fish died this week, a black ghost knifefish and killifish, which sounds so lame, but fish are awful pets to have when you have a tendency to get very attached to things very quickly. There are so many horrible ways for them to die (committing suicide by jumping, for example), and they're so fragile and tiny. I spent most of the week trying to figure out what the hell happened to my fish tank and then spent yesterday driving around to get another killifish since none of the stores near me sell them. Fish are hard! But for some reason I love them.


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