April 29th, 2009

sailor mars


I realized this week that Monday is the last issue of The Current for this semester (for anyone who doesn't know, Sconeborough gets printed in my college paper). I'm not going to be working there next semester or ever again, probably, after all of the horrible things that have happened with them this year, things which continue to happen for no reason other than to piss me off, I guess. Anyway, I'm drawing a... very special comic for the occasion. I may or may not post it since it isn't really funny and probably won't make any sense to all but a handful of people. This means I don't actually have a comic for this week, though I may have two next week if I decide to post the one I'm working on now. Who knows. So... yeah! Have a photo of my comic in the Side B anthology:

It isn't the best picture, but I assure you it looks awesome. And here's the obligatory pre-order info! Posted again here for anyone who missed it the first time aroundCollapse )