June 26th, 2006


Sconeborough 06/26/06

We Don't Have A Sign For ThatCollapse )

Best I can manage this week, guys. I have artist's block again, and not the "I don't know what to draw" kind, but the "I have ideas, they just come out looking shitty" kind. Also, I've been severely lacking the energy to do anything lately (which includes drawing in general) and end up sleeping way more than I want to because I can't do much else and because I fail at life! Next week's comic will hopefully kick ass, provided I don't pass out and die or whatever. Maybe I should eat more bacon and eggs.

Now the comic is IN COLOR because Nicky colored it for me. Thank you, Nicky. You are like Sconeborough's Batman, enforcing awesomeness everywhere with your colorful use of computer software. Actually, that's not much like Batman, but you guys both kick ass so it's close enough.