June 5th, 2006

sailor mars

Sconeborough 06/05/06

Do That To Me One More TimeCollapse )

A few things I feel I should explain here:
-I'm leaving tomorrow... er, later today to visit my grandparents in Florida. For some reason that constitutes ten whole days of tropical flavor (which is definitely not my flavor of choice. I like my vacations chilled, thanks), so the reliability of my internet connection will determine whether or not I have a comic on Monday. If I can't get something up here then, it'll be there on Wednesday when I get back.
-My university's newspaper actually does run two issues in the summer, one of which is going to be printed while I'm gone. Instead of doing the last piece of Ted the robot's little saga thing, which wouldn't have made sense on its own, I did this based off an idea Nicky had (that fourth panel, though? All me). I may finish up the robot thing when I get back if it's not, like... weird by then.
-I snuck in one of my original (and probably oldest) characters, Elias, to play the part of the guitarist/singer in cartoon Nicky's band. Real Nicky is also in a band called Scarlet Soho, and this has to be the 3947345th time I've plugged them, but Goddamnit, they're good.
-...Cartoon Nicky's band is magic because they only need one instrument to be awesome. Actually, the rest are, I don't know, invisible or something. I was kind of in a hurry, okay?

HEY THERE WALL OF TEXT. I think I'm done now! You can go back to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal.